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5 Top Tips to Buy the Best Women's Walking Shoes

Walking helps lower stress levels, increases metabolism, reduces the risk of stroke and more. Great fitting, properly designed walking shoes can greatly enhance your walking regime. The right footwear will cushion your foot, providing the proper support to drastically reduce your chances of back problems, blisters, knee issues and other health problems associated with walking. With so many shoes on the market it can be tough to decide what to purchase.

Here are the 5 Top Tips to Buy the Best Women's Walking Shoes.

Look for shoes that are flexible yet offer good support. Flexible shoes work with your foot instead of fighting your foot like rigid footwear does. The best shoes are flexible and "roll" with your foot thus decreasing your chances of injury.

Try the shoes on both feet. Stand up and walk around in them. They should feel comfortable as you walk around. Make sure there is room between your longest toe and the toe box. About a half an inch is adequate. You want to allow room for the normal swelling your feet experience throughout the day as you go about your activities. When trying on women's walking shoes be sure to wear the same type of socks you will wear when exercising.

Consider the terrain you will be walking on. Different shoes work better in different environments. If you plan to hike and walk long distances you will need a more rugged, sturdy shoe than if you plan to walk around your neighborhood.

Check your old shoes for the type of wear they show. If the insides of the shoe shows wear on the inner section and bends inward you pronate. If wear is displayed on the outside edge of the shoes you are a supinator. Even wear indicates a foot that neither pronates or supinates. Ask the shoe store clerk for recommendations on the best women's walking shoes for the type of foot you have.

Look for a shoe that does double duty. Advanced technology in footwear has resulted in shoes that can help you burn calories faster, improve your breathing, help your posture and provide other health benefits.