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Nike Free Run Review - A Swift Look At The Nike Free Run Review

When it comes down to innovation and change Nike are one of the leading brands that lead this trend. The new Nike Free Run captures the imagination of many runners around the world of what can be possible. This running shoe tries to simulate barefoot running technology the best it can, and does a very good job at it. In this Nike Free Run Review I will look into some of its features and what it does well.

Firstly this running shoe suits people with neutral or correct running styles since they don't over pronate or under pronate. Meaning this unique trainer doesn't have to specialise or add any other unnecessary features for other running styles.

One thing that is extremely unique for a running shoe is for it to claim strength, injury prevention and natural gait management. The Nike Free Run claims this with its barefoot like features allowing the foot to run in a more natural style with less padding and thus improve the strength in your legs and feet. There are benefits associated to wearing barefoot like trainers compared to actually running barefoot and this includes comfort and injury prevention. The Nike Free Run+ is built to provide you with this comfort and protection while making it seem as natural as possible.

A big talking point on this stylish trainer is the lower midsole that it has compared to other versions of the barefoot like range that Nike offers. Having this lower midsole means that it will feel more natural due to the lower heel position during running, surely an advantage for any runner.

I can't make a quick review without commenting on the style. The style of this running shoe is second to none and one of the trendiest trainers yet. It's perfect for treadmill use or even casual walks around town. Either way you'll be wearing a good looking running shoe.

In conclusion to this quick Nike Free Run Review I would say this is the shoe for people searching for a modern and sexy running shoe that can be used for training or even casual walks.